Logging Hours + User Specific Columns

I am currently working for Minite, a startup tech platform that connects student freelancers with young companies looking for talent to help them grow. We’ve been working on building an app where our students can log their weekly work hours, so that they can be sent to the company for which they are working at the end of every 4-week period.
In order to do this, I am working with user-specific columns, however I am having difficulty getting them to appear on my phone.
How can I test whether or not the user-specific columns are working? Also, how can I make the information entered by those users (the students) available to a select number of other users (their client a.k.a the company they are working for)?
Final question, is there a mathematical formula I can employ to sum up all the hours worked in the period given (this would be for the data entered in the user-specific columns)?
Thank you,
Tasina Emma Westberg

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Hi Tasina,

Based on what you said, if you want a log of working hours to be visible not only to the signed-in user but also to other users, you would need an additional sheet to use as a log.

The structure would be something like: Email/Working hour/Week Code/Company/Notes etc.

If you want to sum all the hours in a given period, you would first need to define how that period relates to your data (i.e week is greater than X and less than Y), then create a relation and use a rollup (sum) on that relation.


Check out this template as it may be a good starting point for you!