Is this doable in Glide

I’m currently working in a pharmacy and see the need for an application to manage our Covid vaccination program - essentially an appointment management system with some added functionality.

Staff will use the system to take bookings over the phone/in person and assign time slots for vaccination appointments. Appointment availability will also need to be linked to the number of vaccines we have in stock. The application will be just for in-house use - not available online for customers to self-book, as they need to be screened.

In the past (15 yrs ago) I worked as a Java programmer and wrote a similar application for managing customers… But it took so long!

This time I’m looking at using Glide to get something up and running as quickly and easily as possible. I’ve haven’t used it before and am currently looking at some basic tutorials.

Or is my use case too complex? Requirements are…

I’m probably most concerned about adding logic to limit number of bookings based on vaccine supply - simple to code but wondering if it’s possible in Glide?

  • Zero/low cost development environment
  • Not too steep learning curve - learn on the job!
  • If I come up with something useful… Ability to sell it to other pharmacies



If you’re new to Glide and wanting to get something up and running quickly, I’d recommend having a look in the Template Store. Your use case isn’t way out there, so I’d be surprised if you can’t find something close to what you need, and then just adapt it.


Thanks Darren, I have looked and there some reservation type apps that some way towards what I want.

Does Glide support some kind of counters that you can increment/decrement and base decisions on? I mean like you’d use in Java for example.

Hey @Alan_Patrick,

I don’t know Java but there’s a increment action in Glide that might help you with what you want.


Rollups are available too to sum data.


Thanks guys, sounds like it’s worth a shot in Glide then! :+1::+1:

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Do let us know if you have any questions along the road.

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Thanks! I have a funny feeling I’ll be back here quite a bit! :rofl: