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Hi There,

I am looking to create a booking system for a service business within my app. What I want to do is as follows:

  • A crew can install X number of widgets in a day
  • When booking it will show available dates taking into account how many widgets need to be installed (A crew could do multiple installations in a day, depending on the amount of widgets per installation)
  • The installation crew can then go on the app and see all the installations they have in a day and the details

I have ready that I could use third party booking softwares as well. That option is fine if anyone knows a software that lets me integrate with slide where I would book the customer in rather then the other way around.

I would prefer to have it all done in the app.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for this?


Hola, buen día!

I think your system can be done 100% in Glide natively like you want, There are many combinations and cases associated to a booking system and any previous APP can’t cover all this.

But we could make some changes on our demo APP to get it. Take a look at these 2 APP which can help you with your request (I think you need a mix of both solutions)


I hope it helps you!

Saludos Conner!

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This is very helpful! Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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