Is this a BUG or am I missing something? - No sort on relation list

hi Gliders,

I have a basic table that I use relation in it to that sends to a list of ratings.
I set it up to compact list but the problem is the same in all other styles.

When I go to Features I don’t have option to sort ot filter the list. only In-App sort/Filter available.

I think you set the filter on the component…not the resulting list.

Edit. Nevermind. Now I see you have this within a table. I thought it was a list relation component.

I assume you would normally set the filter at the component level, but since you have this in a table, I’m guessing it wasn’t considered to allow for the filter and sort option.


Appreciate your insight on this

That’s a limitation of the Basic Table. It’s very basic.


Thanks, have a good one