Change default sorting in List Component

I have a list component that shows reviews from a table in airtable that is sorted by date (i.e. newest reviews appear on top). The list component in the glide fetches values from this sheet and displays it, however, the default sorting for this display is such that old reviews appear on top and newer ones at the bottom.

I am aware I can add an In-App sort option to allow the user to do this, but is there a way to set the default sort such that new entries appear on top?

Screenshots of the airtable table, glide table, and glide UI are all attached below.

Something doesn’t seem right. Can you show screenshots, or preferably a short video showing how your navigate to that screen, and maybe more of how those screens and components are set up. You should be able to set the filter on a list/collection.

Sure here you go: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Looks like you’re using a List Relation.
If you go back one screen - to the screen where you’ve added the List Relation, then click on that component, you’ll find the sorting option at the top right.

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Thanks, but it is actually a table (see selected element) and I see no option for sorting.

Try switching from a list basic table to a list relation component.

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I tried that, but I do not think that can achieve the layout/design that I am looking for. I want to show the number of reviews that are there and then the user can click on it to go and read the reviews.

Any ideas?

A list relation gives you exactly that. In fact, when I looked at your video I mistook what you had for a list relation as it looked almost exactly the same.

In what way does it fall short of your layout/design expectations?