Is there any ways to read SQL accounting software?

Is there any ways to read SQL accounting software?

That’s a really vague and open ended question.

An equally vague and open ended answer would be “yes, probably” :slight_smile:

Possible for me to do by my own ?

Most things are possible if you have (or are willing to learn) the appropriate skills.

Does this mysterious accounting software have a name?
And do you have a well defined set of use cases?

Glide are adding a bunch of integrations at the moment. Who knows, your software might even be on their list.

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Ive been using “Sql Acc”


All the while, SQL have been using only for our purchaser to update the inventory list.
While i am working for Glide Inventory apps, they have to update both Apps and SQL system. To overcome this double work, better if SQL and glide can sync together.

Okay, that’s a good use case. And it should be possible.

The first thing to decide is which one you want to be the “master”, and then it’s a matter of figuring out how to sync data from one to the other. If your Accounting system has an API, it will be much easier, so that’s one thing to check.


I could see at SQL ACC’ web site that they support and have a JDBC driver and this can be the way to get the sync you need.

You will need to use a Google Sheet as data source in your APP in order to create a script able to connect to your PC (running MS Windows) and pull the data saved by SQL ACC in their database.

A script like this is what you would need (in my case, I connect my APP to MS SQL Server every day):

Of course, if SQL ACC has its own REST API the life will be easier but you will have to study a little more how to implement it.


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