Budgeting App - Quickbooks Online

I am looking to create a budgeting app that will change how our small companies budget currently and also will be really great for personal use of personal budgets and forecast of bank and so much more in this aspect and behavioral budgeting approach

My question is I will need to have the QB data in Glide. How should I approach this? Should I simply use Glide tables and use Make to send in new records to Glide as needed from all QBs needed (since this will be used for more than one company) or should I use Skyvia.com or a similar solution to get QB data, but how do I bring it afterwards to Glide? Can I use a database SQL? Is Skyvia providing this or how? Most of the records edit updates and create will be coming from QBO only budgeting records and tables and also some functionality to change data to QB will be coming from the user screen. Which approach is best for this all?

Note: I have no idea and have never used SQL before, so I am not sure I am presenting this right or what challenges I will face. I have great experience in make.com and have accomplished so many advanced things before, so I know low code well, but I am not sure how to handle a database. Is there a database that can have a less learning curve than other databases, or I wish Skyvia provides this all so I can just use them for QB sync and then into Glide.

This is exactly what I did for an app months ago. Basically two-way syncing, everytime users add/edit/delete on one side, I use Make to trigger the same “action” on the other side. It’s not pretty, but it is what it is.

I have no idea how Skyvia works, but if you can somehow get QB data synced two-way with a SQL source, you can use that SQL source in Glide.

Ok I think to call with API every time can be overwhelming because it’s a busy books and updates happens to often