Is there any maximum of users (i have to pay for) when choosing Private Pro?

Dear Glide community,
I am currently creating an app for which I need Role-based Security, so I am considering upgrading my app to Private Pro. However, in doing so, I can get pricing for up to only 250 users. Is there a deeper meaning to this? Are more than 250 users not possible with Private Pro? Or would I have to pay for a maximum of 250 users?

My app would probably have 1000 monthly users quickly. Even 5000 monthly users would be conceivable. Would that be $2000-10000 per month then?

Best greetings from Germany

If you’re expecting that many users on a Private Pro plan, then you might want to consider going Enterprise. I’m sure @Ian will be happy to talk with you about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Darren_Murphy! @Christian_Muller-Lie send me PM and let’s discuss. I am headed out for the day today but I will be back on tomorrow.

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