Is there a way to skip over a detail to a child detail screen?

I have a collection which when an item is clicked it goes to the detail screen which has subcategories, then you can click a subcategory to go to individual assets. A couple of the categories only have one subcategory, so I want to skip the subcategory detail view and go directly to assets with that one subcategory. Possible?

In your category table, I assume you have an existing multiple relation to your subcategories. Using that relation, create a rollup column that counts the number of items in that relation.

Next create a single relation that’s similar to your multiple relation, with the exception that the multiple checkbox is unchecked.

Now, you can change your action on your list to a custom action. In that custom action, add an IF condition that checks the Rollup column value. If the Rollup count is 1, then do a ‘Show Detail Screen’ action that uses the single relation as the source. Else, do a ‘Show Detail Screen’ action that uses ‘This Item’ as the source.

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