Is there a limit of applications to connect to the same Google sheet database?

Hello guys. I have a concern, I would like to know if there is a limit on the number of apps that can be connected to the same database?

I have a real estate client who wants each of his advisers (approximately 200) to have a personalized app with their photo, colors, etc. and that they can share the link to their clients, but the information on the properties comes from a single common database for all.

I proposed a single apps with row owner and stuff and no, he wants an app for each of them. That is why I would like to know if there is any kind of limit of applications connected to the same database.

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No limit that I’m aware of, but you’ll probably need to take care if you’ll have multiple apps that are all changing values in the same spreadsheet. I honestly don’t know how well Glide will handle this, but I’d be wary of potential race conditions where the apps start bumping into each other trying to change the same value at the same time.

It’s possible that Glide will handle this seamlessly, but I’ll defer to others more knowledgable than me on that.

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy . I also thought about that, but it leaves me calm is that the apps that are going to connect to the database is only to create some information, no one will be able to edit anything in common.

Tell your client that you’ll do it, but your fee will be 200 times more than originally quoted (plus monthly guide fees for each individual app). Without a doubt, they will ask for a change after you’ve created 200 apps, and they will ask for additional changes. It would be a logistical nightmare to replicate a change 200 times…every time.

Right now there is no way to pass additional parameters into a Glide app to control the view or redirect a user to a certain part of the app. Yes, there is deep linking, but I think the way that works would still allow a user to navigate to other advisors. Stuff like this is possible if the site is designed to allow it. At my company, our website serves several other customer companies as somewhat of a white label, so we customize logos and colors based on the user that is logged in, or based on url query parameters…but we also write and control all of the code, so we can make it work however we want.

In Glide we have deep links, which could allow you to direct the the app to a single advisor from the url, but that really wouldn’t stop someone from navigating to a different advisor.

Another option would be a front screen where the user would have to enter a code for their chosen advisor, but that is not a very user friendly way to enter an app.

I can’t see anybody maintaining 200 apps easily. To me, one app would make a lot more sense, but in my opinion, none of this would exactly be user friendly in the way that your client wants it. Start throwing in white labeling and different color schemes for different advisors, then I feel like you are messing with a bunch of CSS hacks, or hacks in general.

You could probably throw together a quick example with 2 advisors and deep linking to see if you can get anything close to what they would want, but I don’t think it will be great.

As for any of limits, on a google sheet…I doubt it. Ok glide could handle it. Especially when it’s view only data.

I hope they are paying you very well! :wink: