Connect 2 or multiple apps

Can someone help me to understand how to connect 2 or multiple apps?
I have a big data base and one app is not enough and I want to create an app for each department.

How big is your database?

In present, I have 10 department, some may have tables with 30,000 rows, and some with 2,000 or less. But the data in some tables are increasing from one day to the next.

ok, there are a few ways of doing that…
One App… you can have all the rows… I can fit over 2 million rows in one load, then I can switch sources to load the next one…
Multiple Apps have the same let’s say Google Sheets connected there… and filter data that is coming to the app

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Create a new app in the same team. Select existing data sources. The apps will be connected in that they share the same data sources.

For large amounts of rows, you can consider Glide Big Tables, BigQuery or SQL.

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I want to create all the tables with Glide tables and after that to connect somehow to Google Sheets.
But first I want to connect the apps between them to use the data from one to another. I hope this is possible…

Handling big data in Glide tables is not comfortable… I would use Google Sheets… are you talking about over 500K rows?

You achieve this by using the same Glide Tables and Google Sheets spreadsheets across different apps.

And again, once you reach around 25k, 50k, 100k rows, your apps might start to become slower and you’ll need to use data sources that can handle large amounts of data (which Google Sheets cannot for instance).

You mistyped Google Sheets cannot, it should be: Glide tables cannot.

I understand what you are both saying, you mean to create an app and use Google Sheets as source because in Glide Tables when you reach a large enough database, the application starts to run slowly.
But, can someone show me with a video or images how to do the connection between apps, please? I also think that will help others too.

I don’t have videos… I have a working sample with 2 million rows coming from one Google Sheet:

I can open multiple Glide Apps using the same sheet.

Ok. Thank you!
But I need to know how to do that…

Handling big data is not easy. I can make that App for you or teach you how to do it in multiple-hour meetings.
Glide has an enterprise plan that can handle big data… but it is expensive and also not easy… plus not as fast as my solution :wink:

Another way would be a PRO plan which you can have 25K rows, and can create unlimited number of Apps that could use parts of data

Thank you for trying to help me, I understand… :hugs:
Also I want to see if someone has another solution…

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Yes… that is always a good idea… not to rush

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Could share an example or examples of how you wish to connect your apps?

For example I have a biga database where I have information about site construction, information about vehicles, employees, clients, prices and so on. I want to connect this app to another app, for example an app named Production where my employees add the races they do in terms of transporting materials from one place to another. For this I have to connect Production to main database. I have to do this to bring me the information that will help the drivers to complete their data (registration number, driver’s name, construction site, loading place, unloading place). I have attached an image below.
But I don’t know if this is possible or if it is another alternative.

Add a table to your second app and select from any of the existing tables that you already have in your first app. Both apps will be using the same table so the data will be shared between the two.


Thank you very much!

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But isn’t there a solution so that it doesn’t bring my rows so that they are no longer counted in the rows for the application? I want to link several applications precisely to avoid this…