Is there a better way to control user submissions in-app?

I want my users to be able to submit additions to my guide app, but there are two requirements:

  1. I’d like them to be able to submit in-app
  2. The submissions need to be vetted and approved by me (this app is curated)

My original thinking was I’d somehow be able to dump the submitted data into another sheet, which I could then manually vette and move into the main database sheet. That doesn’t seem to be possible based on my very limited knowledge.

The only work-around I’ve thought of is making a rich text block that directs the user via clickable URL to an external Google Form to complete their submission. This is obviously not ideal, but it’s the best I could come up with.


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Use filters to only show vetted submissions. Make it so that only you can mark submissions as vetted, either in an admin app or in the sheet itself.

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Oh, this is a neat idea.

If it’s a sheet, add a column in the sheet, something like “Approved” with a simple yes/no or similar value. Then filter the displayed data on that. Does that sound right?

The admin app idea sounds really cool though. I’m new to Glide, so not sure how this would work. Any good threads I can read on this?

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Form buttons work great for submitting to a separate sheet if you wanted to use your original idea. They can also be used to submit to the main sheet, then use @david’s idea.


I’ve added an additional tab to my existing sheet for the form button responses to dump into, but I’m not seeing that tab presented as an option in the form button settings. I’ve tried refreshing my data on the sheet and refreshing Glide itself.

What am I missing out on here?

So you created a new sheet in your spreadsheet? Do you have column headings on it?

I’m a derp. That fixed it. Cheers.

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I am sure you have moved on, but while working on my app this morning, I created this post of some of what I have done…