Submission / Update - Help OR Feature Request

Morning all. Some amazing functionality being released by the Glide Team recently. The platform is really growing in terms of ability. However, I remain stuck with one scenario that seems vital to me, and I have raised before.

I need to be able to apply some logic to allow Form Submit and Edit Update to go ahead. Currently these can only be controlled by using required fields. But what if all of the required fields have been entered but with values that are invalid e.g. a text field not meeting a format requirement or a relation being created that would involve a duplicate (the latter would allow conflict control for bookings).

It seems to me that this is one area where Glide lacks flexibility. We have user logic to control whether I can add or edit but (once I am doing that) not to check that what I’m adding or editing is valid (required fields aside).

Has anybody found a way around this? Surely it’s vital? Seems to stop me from addressing all sorts of customer requirements @David this relates directly to our previous email convo.

I have done this using add row instead of a form. I make user-specific columns and then relations to check for duplicates.


Hey @ThinhDinh thanks for the input. I think it can be done with the new Add Row Action but if your app is quite “submission heavy” then you’ll need an awful lot of user-specific columns which is super-super inefficient. You’d need a “fake column” to match every column that you’re trying to submit, I think?

Yes, basically that. You would need somewhere to temporarily store your data so I can’t think of any other way.

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That’s my understanding too, so thanks for confirming. Do you see what I mean about the value of being able to apply the same logic AT THE POINT OF submission and commit as you can currently apply to COMMENCE a submission or commit? Seems so obvious to me? Maybe I’m just weird?

No I think it would be great. The best case is to have the ability to reject the input as soon as the user releases their keyboard (stop typing) and then validate right there.

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Well I imagine that would be the case anyway? For example, Glide is always checking for a required field because, as you type into one, the Submit or Done indicators become enabled / disabled appropriately. I think the additional logic would be applied at the same time. As part of this logic one could also enable / disable text on the form to indicate what the issue is. Paradise!

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Good point. Still going for the REGEX eh? Haha.

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Haha! Don’t mention that on here @ThinhDinh! It didn’t get a great response. However, between you and I, yes, it would fit beautifully in here. Just give me the logic checks and I’ll happily do the rest. @Mark are you listening out there! I’m not asking for Regex. Just the logic! :slight_smile:

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This would be nice if we could build it into the new Actions on Form Submit (🚀 Actions on FORM SUBMISSION!). Looks like right now you can build the logic to do checks on all your fields after submission and show notifications if something isn’t entered correctly, but it looks like the form still ultimately writes to the sheet.


Yup @Jeff_Hager but you also need that same logic on update (at the point of committing an edit) and there is not even an action there at this time AFAIK.


Is using a choice drop down not an option here?

I’m not sure how that would help @Drearystate? Can you elaborate? I want to have “logic protection” around form submission (add row) and update (edit row) in addition to “required field protection”. Hope that makes sense?