Is the column unlimited in the 25K row starter plan?

I’m creating an app which may require alot of column, estimating 1000 columns each day. so I want to make sure that glideapps is the suitable choice for this kind of project.
There will not be many row require.

You plan to add 1000 columns each day???

Yes, my client requested it

First of all, that would be a logistical nightmare because you would be in the builder every day all day constantly modifying the app to work with the new columns.

Second, while columns are theoretically unlimited, there is still a technical limit, and I think you would bring the builder and the app to it’s knees trying to work with thousands and thousands of columns.



What if it’s 500 columns each day, would it possible? This project is quite big but if glideapps specifically glide page can handle it. I will accept the project next month

May we know your use case so we could suggest an alternative? 500 columns per day will not play well with Glide… or any PWA for that matter.

Just curious, why columns and not rows?

Im building glide page for a logistic business.So there will be customers hand in their items, size, destination, from, date and tracking number.
Their employees are not very well educated so this project will need to be easy fix easy backend and frontend.

Order will come in daily approximately 500~ 1,000 column per day.

That’s 5 columns. Where do the other 995 columns come from?

Do you mean 500-1000 orders?
You would store each order in a separate row, not in a separate column.
So 500-1000 rows per day.
Glide will handle that quite easily, if your client is prepared to pay for it.


I see what you mean, I got it mix up, sorry

I’m going need to re negotiate

But while on the topic. would 25,000 row for Pro plan be the quota of each month then get renew monthly?
25,000 rows is the maximum period.

With that many rows, your client will need at least a Business Plan, but more likely an Enterprise plan. With Enterprise, you get up to 10 million rows.

And no, that number does not reset each month. The row limit is per App.


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