Is my application too heavy?

Hi all…
Some of my users complain that my app can’t be accessed.
Is my application too heavy?
But when users open applications such as YouTube and others there is no problem, everything runs smoothly.

When a user accesses glide :point_up:


When the user accesses When a user accesses YouTube :point_up:

Were they accessing the app through 3G/4G/5G, does it happen when they use Wi-Fi?

4G network and WIFI @ThinhDinh
And this only applies in GLIDE, in other applications there is no problem

That’s weird. Does it happen intermittently? Possibly their Internet connection is unstable?

My users have complained about it since yesterday, even today the application cannot be accessed.
If the cause is from the network, maybe other applications are affected, but this only happens in GLIDE applications

If you can reproduce it in a video, or ask your user to do so, please submit a ticket.