Is login unstable?

Hi, just noticed, mainly on Android ( v.10 ) that even if i made a login and i’ve checked the flag for cookies in order to stay connected, then after sometime the app reverts back to free from pro state having logged out.
I put the the login in the sign in button , removed the google sign (China doesn’t allow google services since 2017)in for putting the app as public.
Any hints?
Thanks for helping or for reading till here.

Update:still loses the logged state on Android 10 latest version, Pwa by means of Chrome latest version as well, iOs instead is stable.
Any hints?
Update 2 : I had log’d in on 2 different phones , an Android and an iPhone , log’d out from Apple’s one now seems the Android is stable, could it be that double login could be the reason of that ?
Cheers from Florence.

Its back

I’m sorry, I am not following what the problems are.

Your app reverts from Pro to Free?

Your users are returned to the login screen?

Your Loom shows the app logging out? It sounds like your app is set to Public with optional email sign-in?

Guys whats the problemi,is my english so ugly?
My app is pro.
Don’t want a refund.
Yes i’m working with China and with China i will build a site even if your app is working.
Don’t want a refund.
Never!.Stop telling me this.
Please just please.
Apps logs out in western Italic country on my phone on Android 10 in Florence.
Can we try to figure out togethet why?
If not doesn’t matter.
Sorry for making you know this.I do apologize.

No its not reverting,
No my users are not taken to log screen.Simply the app disconnects.
Yes loom’s video does show it actually.
Yes my app is public with optional sign in in the pro tab.

Then please stop asking me for a refund, this is not my case , i just wanna share my experience in order to be useful and to make you notice a potential bug.
Not for asking a refund, when there is problem i enjoy to understand why .
But if i annoy you i will simply take my app as it is now.
So no refund please.
Thanks David for your time and i do apologize reaching you to make you know my experience l I simple thought ‘hey maybe its important and could affect not just me…, never thought making you any bother.I do apologize.I really like Glide.

Ps.this post seems similar to my experience

I think we are having a really hard time trying to understand what the problem is. All your video shows is the app reloading whenever you open it again. My app does that too sometimes if it’s still running in the background, but I’ve been away from it for a while. Or whenever it’s not running in the background and I open it for the first time. I’m not sure that I see that as a problem. It’s just checking for updates from glide and reloading.

You mention that it signs you out, but if you are on a public app and not signed in, then it doesn’t make sense how it can sign you out when you are not signed in in the first place. The post you shared seems different and seems to be a problem for users that do sign in, but the app does not keep them signed in and they have to request a new pin again. That doesn’t mean that the app still won’t refresh and reload occasionally. My app requires a sign in with pin code. It may refresh and reload sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that I am signed out. I don’t have to request a new pin.

Also your mention of the app reverting from pro to free doesn’t make sense either.

So, it’s just really confusing to understand if you are actually experiencing a problem.

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No,Jeff ,the video shows i was logged in , that is why you see the pro contents,then when it loads you see the difference,that is are, the free public contents, do you really think i would be here making you lose time without not even being log there, of course not.Fact is when i’m in sometimes it logs out .First screen you see is the pro section , second is the free.
So free IS NOT YOUR PLAN , free is the section of the app that is free,public…call it as you prefer , while PRO ,its not your PLAN , but are ,is the section that once logged ,after the payment ,you see.

App seen as free before the payment.

App with “pro” contents after the payment

Does it make sense now?
If you see the video , the first screen is the paid app…private app…
then after the green screen when it flashes the app logs out and shows the public side of the app.

I hope its clear.
By the way , i do apologize for my use of the pro and free terms,didn’t realize but franky now i’m a little tired, i understand we are not understanding and i don’t wanna be in any kind bothering you , so if this is the case again , lets conclude here, someday ,somewhere my issue will go away,
Could be instructive to understand why a Pwa could have this behavior,for learning i mean , another time right?

No refund ok , please no.
Thanks for your time.

Yes, now it all makes sense. I had not noticed the change from Pro to Free in your video and I did not understand that you meant that you had your own Pro/Free content in your app.

Do you have any settings in your phone that would clear your browser cache or cookies periodically or whenever the browser or app are closed? I have an app that is public, but allows a user to sign in to save user specific content. In my case it’s never signed me out.

Ok, no , there are no refreshing options activated , inside Chrome auto cleaning is not activated , but i have had 2 updates on my Samsung A20e with Android 10, I thought this could be the case but i’m just trying to figure out…other Android users of my app are not reporting any issue.
My app act as yours, user can register in order to access the payment section of.

Try signing into this app through the side menu. Then see if it signs you out. This is the app that I don’t have an issue with it signing me out. My guess is that there may be some other setting that is clearing the cache, but I’m not sure what it would be.

Just a notice that some of the buttons in my app aren’t working at the moment. Looks like a Glide change may have introduced a bug with my IF columns that I need to look into some more.

Oh i see thanks .

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