App-busting Login issues

built a new Pages app. simple. loved it. was thrilled. but now we are eternally at the send a pin login screen. never getting past it. The emailed direct login doesn’t work, it just requests the email again.It even tells me I don’t have an account sometimes. i’m logging in with the right email. We are doing DC lobby days on an important issue. This authentication issue is so demoralizing. I need it to work by 9am. Alas, I am a would-be enthusiast. I even paid the $99 in the hopes it would fix the issue. Only gmail logins work, not any logins that SHOULD work according to my settings. I’ve even tried non private users and we still get stuck at the login screen, which makes so no sense at all.

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Have you opened a support ticket? They won’t see it here.

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Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your App Privacy settings?

Also, would you allow me to test the sign-in?