Is it possible to view users' logged data?


I have been building out a meal-tracking app as I am going to run an app study on dietary behaviours, which participants will have signed an informed consent form for prior to using the app.

Just to 100% confirm, will I be able to then view the logged data they track from using the app? I’ve been playing around with logging data as different signed-in users and can then see this in my related spreadsheet, but is it definitely true that I’ll be able to view per-user data from real users once the app is published? I will also be asking each participant to sign in with email to ensure they can have a per-user app experience too.

For context, I will be creating two apps (one as my ‘intervention’ and one as my ‘control’) so it’s imperative that I can then export the meals tracked across each app in order to then run my statistical analysis.


What exactly do you want to view as “users’ logged data”? Is it just their email and when they logged in your app, or is there anything you want more than that?

Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

Yep, it’s just their email address I need and then the column ‘meals logged’ and column for the data it was logged.

When testing this I can see new rows get generated each time I add dummy data, but I’m keen to make sure I will be able to see similar data once real people are using the app as my study depends on being able to analyse it.


Then just make sure you set up the right form to achieve that. As you mentioned you have enabled the log in option, when you set up the form, assign a “user’s email” value to go the right column, then the rest can be filled by the user as you wish.

If you need me to test it then send me a personal message of the app to see if it works the way you want.

Data entered in the app needs to be stored in a database. The spreadsheet is that database. Since you own the spreadsheet, you can see everything in it. Unless you are using user specific columns, you will see everything that is entered through the app by anybody and it will be synced to your sheet. You can use this same sheet for multiple apps and the same data is visible to both apps.