Is it possible to calculate the date difference from the data in a Lookup column?

I have a lookup column that brings me dates and other lookup column that brings me numbers which are weight records from cows, I can calculate the variation on the weights using a Rollup column that calculates the range from the lookup with the weight records but I don’t know how to calculate the date difference from the lookup column that have all the dates in which the weights of the cows were measured. I need this to then calculate the weight gains by day

You don’t need a Lookup column in between. The Rollup can directly use the relation or table that the lookup would be using.

Can you use a Rollup Min and Rollup Max and then calculate the difference using a math column?


For this, do you mean the date difference between the dates associated with the highest and lowest weights?


It seems that when the values are dates the rollup only lets you count and count unique


Are you sure? Rollup should give you Earliest and Latest options when dates are involved.

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If you’re not seeing Earliest and Latest as rollup options, that suggests that your source column is not actually a date/time type. Is it?


Can you show us a sample of your data through screenshots?


thanks @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager for the suggestions. Indeed the column of dates wasn’t on dates format but the problem comes from a script on the google sheets that its not processing well the dates and then the sheet and glide doesn’t recognize them as dates, i will fix that and then make a column for the earliest date, the last one and for the time difference between them so then I can calculate the daily weight gain.


The problem solved by adjusting the format the script gave me of the dates.


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