The difference between two dates

Can I find the difference between two dates?

I have two columns, the first has the date of subscription and the other is the date of maintenance
I need to know how many days are between the two dates

any ideas?

Here is what I used in one of my apps and mentioned in another community post:

What I did is used a template column because I was bringing the value in from another table and the calc didn’t like the rollup. So, did a template column of the rollup with shows in time format and this did a math column using this formula FLOOR(T/60) / 60. This gives you the value in hours, so 1 hour, 30 mins would be 1.5 hours.

thanks. but I think that’s not what I meant…
for example:
The first date is (March 3, 2022) and the second date is (March 25, 2022)
I need to get the difference between the date ( 22 days)

Use a math column.