Is it possible to build a form builder in Glide?

Hello Glide community,
I would like to build an app that would let the user build a form with different type of fields (text, email, phone, etc…) and that would generate a QR code exportable as a png to add on flyers and Posters so that people can scan it with their phone to register for an event.

Do you think such an app could be built with Glide ??


Yes it is. I would do something like this:

Build a user dashboard where they can use a bunch of choice components/toggles/checkbox etc for what type of fields they want to include on the form, where you will record in a separate column for each. Then use an ITE column that says if Type column isnt Yes, True. (Ex. If Phone column isnt empty, True)

Then on your screen, add a phone field with visibility of the specific ITE being checked.

Thus you’ll have all available fields that can be shown, but will only show the fields the user has selected to show.

Odds are youll have to show this form via some sort of relation/inline list to access initially. The form screen will have a deep link that you can convert into a QR code that users can share, download, etc


Thanks @Joe_Gabriele for your detailed answer, I don’t understand everything since I’m rather new to Glide but I’m happy to hear that it’s doable.