Choose which fields to display

Hi - I’ve just created my first app so I’m still very much a beginner. I’m struggling with what seems like a basic issue but I can’t find any way to do it. My main view is a checklist and when I tap on an item I get the details screen. What I want/need is to be able to choose which fields show in this details screen! The reason is that some of the columns in my data are calculated/helper fields (with formulas that calculate a value based on data in other columns). I don’t want to make them protected as I do need to use them in the app, eg. for sorting. I just don’t want them to be visible or editable. Is this possible? Thanks!

You can add or remove any components you want in the lower left hand component panel in the builder.

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Also, check out Glide University

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Thank you! Somehow with all the different editing screens I missed that. Phew.

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just out of curiosity, where are these formulas?

If they’re outside of Glide, then check out the below. It might open your eyes to some possibilities.

The formulas are in Google Sheets, I did consider trying to replicate them in Glide but they’re pretty complex (multiple nested IFs, log and exponential functions etc) and from what I could see I’d have to break them into different columns for the logic and maths part - so I didn’t. I will check out that video though - thanks!