Calculated fields

How do I use calculated fields?
For example, 1. Count the number of products delivered (avoid buying a product that exceeded a quantity).
2. Concatenate 2 or more text fields into a single field.
3. Dependent dropdowns: How to make a dropdown depend on the selection in the previous one?
4. That a field is visible but disabled by a given condition.
Is there any documentation on these topics? I didn’t find anything.
Thank you!

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Let’s say you have a “Products” sheet and a “Sales” sheet, use a relation matching the product ID/name from the “Products” sheet to “Sales” sheet, then a rollup to count the number of delivered products.

If you have a further ‘delivered’ status TRUE or FALSE, you can make a template column joining the ID to a TRUE (i.e SKU0001 TRUE) in the ‘Products’ sheet, then match it with a template joining the ID and the Delivered status in the ‘Sales’ sheet, repeat the steps above for the relation and rollup.

Then set the visibility for buy button based on the rollup or further calculations based on your logic.

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You can use the the template column for that, just type anything that makes sense to you to serve as an abbreviation of the original text columns (to make it easier to debug when something goes wrong), then replace them with the right columns to make the concatenate work.

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You can follow this video by Robert.

Set up your field, let’s say a text component, and a user-specific boolean column, let’s say “VisibleText”.

Set the text component to be visible when VisibleText is not True, then in the screen, add a switch/checkbox that lets the user switch/tick and point that value to the “VisibleText” column.

When the user has switched/ticked that component, the text will not be visible anymore.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh
I understand, but how do I implement it? From the spreadsheet adding columns and putting formulas, or from the platform? Is there something like virtual columns? I come from 4 years of using “AppSheet”, and I have that logic very incorporated. This doesn’t seem similar, does it?

I don’t have experience with AppSheet, but the columns above can be added in the Data Editor of Glide.