How to allow users to create data types in my app

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a mobile app (using the Glide platform) where users can choose their own data types (text, number, boolean, etc) just like us - the app creators - can also do that with Glide on the data editor.

You might be able to accomplish this with a set number of columns for each field you intend to store, and a set number of components with visibility conditions for each field you intend to store. I’ve not tried it, but I think it could be done.

Now, depending on the number of total fields you want them to be able to manipulate with your App, it’s potentially going to be a logistics nightmare.

What’s your endgame? A generic App?

I’ve had clients ask for this in the past. Use case: blog posts, custom forms, etc.

It’s not really possible, no, unless you give your users a predetermine layout with a number of available conponents within that layout that are the shown/hidden based on whether that field has been populated. What you WOULDNT be able to do is allow the users to determine the order of those components visually within the app. Only the builder can do that.


Yes, pretty much. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks Robert for the suggestion as well. The fact that users aren’t able to determine the order of those components visually within the app is not too much of a problem. As I’m still relatively new to Glide, what specific video tutorials and topics in the documentation would help me achive this specific feature?

This one’s a good start:

Thanks. I really appreciate your help.

you can create blanc text columns, where the first row will be reserved for a type, the second for the title, then using some if else and templates… you can clean and modify columns, that will be readable by logic columns…complicated… but doable.

Thanks for this suggestion too. This is looking way harder than I initially thought!!