Is it good idea to build a community engagement campus app in glide?

I’m new to glide and like the concept on how to build apps using spreadsheet

I am planning to build a campus app for my uni. using glide
Features like

  • Student Communication [ students join & create communities, communicate(chats), groups
  • Student engagement [gamifying(leaderboard, ranks), events)
  • Student Connections (Social feed)
  • Student experience ( timetables, assingment track , resources etc.)

I have seen every feature is possible with Glide but the row limit is something I am doubting if it can be feasible
The app will be used by around 1000 students and if successuflly run I am feeling the row limit will cross 20,000 around 1-2 month (with mostly taken by chats, comments, posts)
I see Big tables has more bigger limits but don’t know if it can solve this problem

Asking in this forum to know your suggesstions if Glide is good to go, if so How?
Would love to hear from you all :slight_smile:

Please consider the pricing carefully.

Assuming all 1000 will be public users, you would still have to purchase at least a Business plan to be able to run that.

Apart from the rows limit, you must consider the users limit, and the updates limit.