Is glide really reducing users


I am using glide from last one year with a PRO plan of 50 private users. I upgraded the plan for more users which earlier were 100, however, I got 20 users only, come one paying more reduced my ability to use the app. is this really happened with everyone?
I am really dissatisfied with the way glide did that. Paying more made me getting less.

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hi @Abhinav_Hans . Are your users using company email addresses? e.g.

Refer to the discussion in this thread and see if it informs your case:


Yeah, we are using business emails to sign in there, but my questions was more concerning that why they changed the plans when I was already working on plan good with me and upgraded to next plan to get more in fact it reduced my capabilities now

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The differentiation between private and non-private email IDs seems problematic. Many users, including myself, use services like Facebook or Apple authentication with built-in spam protection to mask real email IDs, and DuckDuckGo’s email protection for other logins. This approach helps avoid spam but might make it difficult for Glide to recognize these accounts as private.

Additionally, when using a product for personal use but paid for by my company, I use my company’s email to simplify expense claims.

Moreover, basing pricing on the total number of users feels outdated. Glide, please consider removing user type/count restrictions and instead base pricing on quotas and features, like most other SaaS solutions. This change would likely make many users happy.