Is glide down?

Is glide down.
My app tries to open but I get a blue spinning wheel

Doesn’t look like it

Has happened to me quite a few times for apps which hasn’t been opened in a little while. Either spinning wheel or white screen. @david

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@mrt224 you need to force close the app and it will work again. This is of course not realistic scenario for our users.

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Had to do a force close on 3 different apps today as loading spinner got ‘stuck’.

After forcing close and re-start they loaded correctly.

As you say not what a user would do or necessarily understand how to do.

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To me this is a serious problem. Also happened on pro app

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It lasted about 15 mins and the app connected.
Thank you.

That what I ended up doing. I logged out and logged back in.

Yeah I’ve been getting that for a month or two now. If I haven’t opened an app for several days, then I almost always have to give it a “reboot” to get it going.

Yep, I am seeing this too. Apps that haven’t been opened in a while seem to be stuck at first.


“A while” in my case is 2-3 days which is a very common situation for app users I would says.

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Yes, for me is a blank screen. Not sure how to solve this, any idea ?

No. The app would try to load but wouldn’t. It took 2 days before the app started working again. I didn’t do anything. It just started on its own.