App never opens

My app’s URL:

IPhone 11 Pro
Ios: 14.2

App which hasn’t been opened some days can happen to have a never ending load-wheel

Has happened in a number of apps

If the app is closed then the app afterwards opens quickly. I know that but it is difficult for normal users to understand that

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Chromium browser on Debian OS Linux distro:

No problem here, app opens fine.

ok for me too

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It’s ok for me too. Chrome on Macbook.

@Pablo_books @ThinhDinh @Sheme34 thanks for testing out.
The problem will not occur on the first opening of the app. It appears when the app hasn’t been opened for some time but I cannot find out what the pattern is. I have tried other apps as well which has been idle for some time and they do open.


That sounds very odd. I’ll revisit the app again in a month.