Is a Member Only Private RSS Possible?

Super new. Wondering if I am asking too much to be able to set us an RSS feed that only paying members/subscribers can have access to…? If it’s possible in Glide step by step instructions would be so amazing! TIA! :smile:

You’d want the RSS feed in app? It needs to have RSS feed format or are you just looking for a member only list of content?

Thanks Robert for jumping in! :relaxed: I have the ability to create a “private” RSS feed and want to be able to put the access to that behind a paywall. That way non-paying users can listen to the “ad-supported” podcast, while paying members can access the ad-free version.

Another option could be to upload each of the 200+ “ad free” audios inside the app paywall but that means an extra weekly step in my podcast work flow to add each new week’s audio…

Haven’t played too much with RSS, but I’m sure there are several solutions here. The first thing that I think of is automating (Zapier, etc) your paid RSS feed to a sheet within the Google spreadsheet that’s housing the app (youll need to back fill earlier episodes). Then allow paid members to access those rows using some conditional logic.

Here’s an idea:

Otherwise, if you don’t need the actual content in the app and just need a link to the RSS feed, it’s a whole lot simpler.

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Thank you so much! I will give this a go Monday/Tuesday and circle back around if anything comes up. You are the best! Thank you! <3


I have done a lot of membership apps with PayHere, their API works great when working with Integromat. It should be straightforward to you after watching Robert’s great tutorial but if something comes up feel free to let us know :wink:

I was thinking about using an Experimental Column result to display a RSS in a webview, not sure if webview accepts a normal RSS link.

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