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I am launching a new app and don’t want users to be able to share the link. In the phone setting it works great, however if a user tries to download the app on an Ipad the welcome page launches with the QR code as well as a share button. Is there a way to take both of these options off the welcome page.


You have a couple options.

  • You could turn on tablet/desktop mode so the app fills the screen automatically.
  • You could create a Page project instead of an App project. Page projects scale better across different screen sizes, and don’t have that old emulator look like Apps has.

But what’s to prevent a user from sharing the app url? If they are using the app, they know the URL and can share it any way they want, so I don’t get how you are going to prevent users from doing that by hiding a button and QR code.

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Thank you Jeff, the table/desktop mode should work. Had a feeling it was something simple that I was just missing.

We know its impossible to completely stopping sharing we just don’t want to make it obvious. The app is an additional benefit for members so we want to protect it’s usage as much as possible.

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To protect the apps usage as much as possible, you can make it private. And even if the link is shared, only members can sign in.

If it is private would that require the new user’s email to already be in the user table for them to access the app?

Yes, or you could use domain whitelisting.

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