Customize/improve the Share the App screen

While this isn’t necessarily a bug, it doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

In mobile, if you tap the Info icon on the home screen to share the app, the prominent message that displays says Share this app by scanning the code with your phone’s camera. right underneath the QR code for the app. While there is also a button to share a link to the app via native OS device controls, I think having the QR code on this screen is super confusing since you can’t possibly take a photo of the QR code with the phone you’re using. This type of sharing makes sense on the desktop version. Maybe I’m missing something?

On mobile, what if instead of the QR code we display the app’s badge icon and include a message like Love this app? Share it with someone! and change the button text to read Share App instead?

The barcode is so the person you want to share the app with can easily take a picture with their own phone and install the app on their phone. It’s quicker than you sending them a link to the app, although that is always an option.

The text could probably be reworded a bit, but I’ve always understood it as…“I like that app, can I scan the barcode and install it on my phone?”

Maybe it should say “Share this app… with their phone’s camera.”


I appreciate the discussion and feedback. The reason for my suggestion was actually based on user testing where we discovered this page became a pain point because users got confused. Some user comments included the following when asked to show us how to share the app:

  • That’s weird, I’ve never shared something with someone by them taking a photo of something on my phone?
  • Why is it asking me to scan this code with my camera and how would I even do that?
  • I don’t know. I don’t see a share icon anywhere in the app.
  • [Users tapping on the QR code thinking it would launch a text message for them to send to a friend].

We just want to make our app as consumable as possible and we’re already limited to only one screen with the option to share the app (the home screen). And, that one opportunity uses an info icon which is typically understood to mean more info or contain about us content.

Ideally, if devs could link the info icon to a screen in their app then devs could customize it however they wanted. This might seem trivial to some, but there’s no better referral than one from or friend or family member so getting users to share the app organically with others is essential.

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Somewhat related to this: Is there an option for us to customize a message when using the “Send to Phone” option?

I agree that the copy is not direct. Jeff hit the nail on the head above. But copy and intent can be received differently for every language , sub culture etc

But if I’m not mistaken you can just spend a few dollars getting a carrd Landing page and design it how you will.

No learning curve and cost effective.

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I’m guessing there isn’t an option to change the message. What you could do is place a button somewhere in your app with a text entry field for the phone number. Then use a template column to build an SMS text message link with the phone number and a custom message. Check out this post on how to create a link. I think the button action would just be “Open as Link”.

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Brilliant suggestion @Jeff_Hager

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Hey, @Rogue_London. I appreciate the input and yes, we’ve already begun building out a custom promo page that will introduce the app, its features, and provide instructions on how to download.

This feature request focuses on the in-app screen that is used to share the app from the app itself. Currently, devs don’t have any ability to customize this screen. My suggestion is two-fold:

  1. Replace the home screen icon to a more universal “sharing” icon instead of the “info” icon currently being used. Something like this: icons8-share-24
  2. Link this new share icon to a screen that is customizable by Glide subscribers.
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I would like to stress the importance of being able to send the invite message in one’s own language.