Make share app page as a tab

@david What about making the “Share app” page available as a tab in the builder.

If so then it would be possible to do a reference from another page via “List relation” component - and then it is possible to make the share possibility more visible - fx on a visible “info tab” .

Was inspired by the need expressed here:

You can make the share page yourself already. It’s just a QR code and a Share button.

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Well, if it is really easy for you to do - then why not do it?

I ended up doing a share page myself - and expanded it a bit in order to tell the user more precisely what to do - including the installation process.

Share button?
I dont see such any place. I can see that you can make button copy to clipboard - but that about it.
It would be really nice with a share button as the one that is found on the native share page.

One of the actions for buttons is to ‘Show Share Sheet’ which gives you several ways to share your app link. On my phone I can copy to clipboard as well as share to several social media apps, text, and email apps. Creating the page yourself gives you a lot of flexibility as far as control over the layout

Thx @Jeff_Hager. I tried it earlier on today and couldn’t get it to work. Now it works like a charm :slight_smile:

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