Tab Navigation – Share and Add?


Is it possible to somehow add the Share App screen as part of the tab navigation? I was hoping it’d be possible because I want to really highlight it in my app.

Similarly, I’d also like the “+” or Add to be in the tab navigation too since user contribution will be important to the experience of the app.


You could recreate the Share App screen yourself. All you need to do is create a sheet that contains headings for the text and the link. You can either copy the QR code image by itself or create a screenshot with just the QR code and the text below it. Then build a screen that contains the image, text, and a button that will copy the url to the clipboard. You should be able to create a tab with almost identical looks and functionality as the built in share app screen.

For your “+” Add functionality, I would just create an empty sheet with at least a heading for the first column. Add that as a new tab in your app. Then add a form button that will allow the user to add data to your app.

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@Jeff_Hager – Thank you for this workaround!

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