iOS 17.4, problem coming up?

PWA functionality restricted in 17.4 beta for EU.

Hard for Glide to do anything about this I assume?


Thanks for raising this! We’ll keep an eye on it.


Thanks a lot!

Hope this doesn’t cause an issue :disappointed_relieved:

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If Apple blocks PWAs in the EU, there is not much Glide can do about it.

This changes everything, and I was worried about Glide prices…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


If confirmed, did anyone try to wrap a Glide app inside a native app?

I’ve seen it for Bubble.

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Seems confirmed.

Apple recently released iOS 17.4 beta to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Users in the EU who have installed the beta have noticed that they can no longer install and run web apps on their iPhone.

Anyone have an idea how to deal with this with existing glide apps or to find a work around other than bookmark it in a browser (Tab)?

It would be good to know if Glide will continue to work directly in Safari instead of a PWA.

The link above reports this

Users have seen issues with existing web apps such as data loss, since the Safari version can no longer access local data, as well as broken notifications.

which might be problematic!

PS I am not a MAC guy, can others browsers be used instead of Safari e.g. Edge, Chrome etc.?

PSS I am having already complaints from some clients using older version of Safari on their MACs where Gilde is simply not working. I tell them to install Chrome and they are fine, but thing what happens to other Sarai Users who do not know about this solution?

As I heard deadline for 17.4 is March 6. I´m curious what will be the solution as I´ve got more than 100+ users on one of my app and don´t want to cause any trouble.
Open for Ideas and solutions!

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Guessing/Hoping this shouldn’t impact the UK?

17.4 and PWA seems to work for non EU countries like UK, Norway, Switzerland. Beta 3 is out public and I´m going to see if there is any differens. Get back to you


In the latest update for iOS 17.4 beta 3, it appears there’s still no support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) within the EU, possibly due to compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations. Additionally, a new finding suggests that multiple “bookmarks” now share the same session as Safari, and clearing Safari’s data does not reset this session, indicating its state is preserved.

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Hi everyone. I came across this article which states - if I understood it well - that Apple will block web based apps. Can someone let me know if I understood correctly and if this will really impact glide for those in Europe



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Its seems to be confirmed now.

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What about alternative app stores? Maybe we could add apps inside there…


I don’t understand if this will actually block the app (so it won’t be able to work even just by linking to the website) or will not allow just access via bookmark on phone

Can you give us clarification on that? @david

From what I’ve read, it just means that it won’t be possible to install a PWA on the homescreen.

PWA’s will still be useable in a browser, but some features may not work. Push notifications, for example.

I am pretty sure the changes are:

  1. No more Web Push for PWAs
  2. You can still add to home screen, but when you open a home screen web app, it opens your browser

@david do you have data as to what % of users do actually install their apps in the home screen? I wonder how impactful this change will be.