iOS 14 update creates issue when selecting date

Upgraded to IOS 14 today.

When using date picker it causes a display issue. You cannot see the whole screen and in this example (a form) access to the ‘submit’ button is hidden.

The only way to make the full screen visible is to ‘click into’ the previous field.

Quick video enclosed.

Cannot share url on forum as confidential data.


Same here. Also in my case to submit button disappears…I think the screen shift causing that. Definitely a persistence issue has happened several times today.


I guess it doesnt like nav-bar at all… or it was starving


Hi @Deena think this is fixed now. Just tried it and seems to work. Can you check too? Just wanna make sure it’s fixed

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Sorry for the delay responding to this! I just had a chance to check and yes, it works just fine now! :grin:

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Don’t be sorry :neutral_face: great thank you for confirming

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