Invitation email not being sent

I have a basic account and have created an app. Have total 10 users all using personal email ids set up in the Users table. When I am sending the email invite from the “Share” screen, the screen says that the Invite is sent, but the emails are not being received by any of the email addresses.

Pls suggest a solution.

Can you tell them to check in spam as well just to be sure?

What plan are you on? You say you have a basic account, but it isn’t clear what plan it is.

It’s a free account which allows 1 app and 10 users. Emails have not been delivered to spam or anywhere else. This was working fine earlier, even last week.

Did you double-check that the action is tied to the email address? Also that the users email addresses are populated in that column?


Try testing it on your own email address to see if the basic action works. Type into the Cc or Bcc fields.

@Sekiya_Liburd I think OP meant the invite function, not the send email one.

I think it’s because you have reached the amount of users allowed. You have 10 users, and the amount of personal users allowed is 10.

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I did not make any changes, but the emails got delivered to the invited addresses (which are part of the 10 limit) in their inbox about 12 hours later. So all is well now.

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