How do I invite users to my app?

I thought this would be the easiest thing to do, but somehow I can’t added users to my app.
I added myself with the QR-code on a Google pixel complete breeze.

But somehow I can’t add another user with same model Google pixel as my own. What do I do wrong?

I’ve added another user to my user tab (incl. email)
I’ve sent an invite to the email - which we can’t find anywhere (Checked spam and everything)
I’ve copied the app link and sent to share on whatsapp however it says “You may not have a proper app for viewing this content” - despite having chrome installed.
I tried to send the link pr e-mail, but does not lunch.

My privacy setting is as follows.

  • Also I’m still on the free plan - but only me as a user and I need two more users to use the app.
    Me and another needs to have Role permissions and the others does not. Not sure if this will affects things?

I’ve kind of come to my wits end and not sure what to do to get this app around to my team?

That’s weird. Does it work with a general domain like

I’m not sure how it behaves on Android. Does it work if the link is not opened from WhatsApp, but copied and open on the Chrome browser itself?


The email is a gmail, so you would think it should be fine.

Did that too, but then just nothing happens.
I’m using a pixel myself and was no problems. The phone I’m trying to setup is the exact same model (Even purchased the same day :wink:)
So everything should be pretty much the same - except for different email address.

I did however this morning see that my own app on my phone goes to an error screen. I don’t know but I have the feeling it has to do with my desperation yesterday, where I also changed the domain name (Which I think shouldn’t be allowed unless I’m on a paid tier). However I for some reason are allowed to change it. And now I don’t know what it how to set it back to the original?

That’s just weird. Please submit a ticket here.

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Ok, I have no clue what happend while I was trying to install Glide on this Android. After been trying pretty much everything for two day I found out that chrome had got disabled. I didn’t even know this is thing on Google Pixel. But when i reactivated again all my problems disappeared… :exploding_head:


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