Introduce a "cache expiration" mechanism for external images loaded from URL

Actually, when in a a Glide Apps you show an Image from an external URL the image is cached and even if you change the image nothings happened since the image’s cache never expire.
So you have to add a “time parameter” to the external URL so that “the image is not the same” on every load.
But this is not useful because EVERY image’s URL are reloaded every time.
IT could be great to have a “Expire URL Cache” mechanism so the on daily, weekly or on-demand base you could expire every cache content so the the images showed are always up-to-date.
Thanks in advance

I just experienced this problem with one of my apps. I realized I need to change the url of the image that I collect …. So a workaround ….

Rather than you’re current method, which sounds like it includes time, I would use a date column formatted with just the date, or use a math column to extract the current day, or weekday, or month from the current date, and attach that value, as a query parameter, to your url with a template column. That way, you can control how often the url changes.

Or you could have a process where you simply increment a number every time the image changes, and use that incremented number as your query parameter.

Yes, this is exactly what i do as a workaround: a weeknum-param at the end of the URL so that the image is reload “automatically” every week.
But this is only a workaround since i have to add this fake-parameter to EVERY inage’s URL in my app (and in my app i have tons of external images!!!)
it could be great if glide has this mechanism out-of-the-box for every url.

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Hola @TeamDigitale

If you combine the image url with the time parameter in a template, you only have to add it once.


yes this is what i could do if i have few columns but as said before i have to show a lot of columns (with external URL Images) in a lot of tables so this operation is annoying and not feasible in large apps.
A standard mechanism will be great.
Hope that this feature will be added since i don’t think it’s hard to implements.
Thanks for the support.