Interactive Dashboard

Hi Gliders!

Glad to join, hello from Russia!
I just started here, and hope there are a lot of features which i need.
Am going to build an App to support Continues Improvements and OKR for SME.

Does anybody know here, is it possible in Glide or not…:

  1. To make an interactieve Dashboard
    (updated in a seconds from a sheet, and if i click on a chart Dashboards, i could
  • drill up\down)?
  • set\edit value in the sheet according to the place of what i click on the Chart?
  1. To build a donuts type chart (or a Green Safety Cross) where we have e.g. a full month’s daily chek ups Yes\No (Green\Red)?
  2. To let an User (in UI, not in admin mode) in user mode to drag & drop an item on a Screen from one exact place to another - for instance like a Kanban Desk Layout?

Hope all of this is possible here withoot looking for this at Adalo or Bubble etc.

Thank you so much in advance,


  1. Yes: 😍 the Cloudinary of Charts —on the fly charts!
  2. No sorry

Thank you very much, Robert!
Your video is very helpful for me :pray: :+1:
Regret about there is no drag features here :roll_eyes: