Integration Request: Webflow

Hey Glide Team!

Congrats on the public launch of Glide Actions. I’m incredibly excited to see more integrations added and where Glide Actions goes from here.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a Webflow integration added. You can find their API documentation here.

There are a few different potential use cases for this:

  • Individuals that create a job board with Webflow could create an employer backend using Glide. This backend would allow employers to create, edit and delete job postings. Right now, this is achieved by using Airtable Automations or Zapier/Make, but both options can be hit or miss and get expensive.
  • A membership-based association could give members the ability to update their private or public member profiles without having to contact the association’s volunteers or staff.
  • Blog creators could manage their entire blog from within Glide and invite guest writers, advertisers, or more. This could be made even more powerful by combining Webflow and OpenAI in a single action. For example - a writer hits “Publish Post” in Glide and that triggers an action which has OpenAI write a summary, meta description, and more before pushing things to Webflow.
  • Agencies and other businesses with a large number of Webflow sites could add the information for their sites to a Glide Table or Airtable, and then keep track of when a site was published and by whom; and even publish the site from Glide!

Webflow and Glide would be the best of two worlds !


Thanks for the suggestion! :pray:

Moving this topic to the Feature Requests category so folks can vote on it.

A seamless integration with Webflow would be amazing. Manage your entire business on the backend using Glide and push all data to a marketing site on the front end in Webflow.

Glide would power the business, including all data management and authentication, and Webflow could provide a public facing front-end for marketing purposes.

This would eliminate the need for third-party services such as Zapier, Make, Memberstack, Jetboost, and more.

This would be a game changer for many businesses.

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Upvoted. This would be amazing for us to publish articles to our website without having to work in Webflow’s back-end