Integration Generate CSV Bugs?

Using a Integration Method “Generate CSV” but the output turnsout some of the data is not the same as the original database from glide table.

example :

but my CSV turnout :

i dont know why it convert it into datetime format, and not just this column also applied to other column where the data contains lots of characters (words)

The integration returns the value under the hood. The thing you see in your data editor is a formatted version of it.

If you want to have it look like your data editor (though I don’t see the datetime column in your first screenshot), create a template column and point to the original column (to lock its format), then export that template instead.


but i dont need datetime,

the column in my data editor is just plain text
why does it change it to datetime? other column does perfectly fine except some of the column doesnt (using the same TEXT Column) :thinking:

but when i used export from the glidetable directly, it work perfectly fine .

Ah I see the problem. Are there any things in common in the columns where you see an error? Like “0” at the start.

hers’s another column

data doesnt start from “0” also got converted

and another



I made an application that has many columns of dates, and I have faced this difficulty in which the glide insists on recording the time in columns that should only contain the date, even in a template column that joins month and year and returns a date with time .

Please open a support ticket. Thank you!

Hello @Martinus_Goh, was your issue resolved?

Not Yet, and i havent submit Support Ticket either.

since to submit support, need to record a video of the bugs .

Do you know if your problem persists?

yeah, it does. does your also like that ?

the temporary solution, is to export csv from the glide data manually

At first glance my generated CSV doesn’t seem to do that, but I haven’t checked in detail. What a random bug you have there. Have you any idea what could be the reason?

I think I encountered this bug the other day. My text says “Room 2” but when I generate a JSON through that, the value turns to a date/time column. I forced a template column to lock the format in and it wasn’t a problem anymore, but it’s still a bug.

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