Inline Lists | Can they show multiple item types?

…such as Video and Images in same list for example? Also, I am uploading videos (vs. using urls to videos hosted elsewhere) and they’re not showing up. Any advice on videos? No error handling messages…Thanks!

I’m thinking of an inline list that will have a “feature image” and a “title” for both Videos and Images, for example.

Then when you click inside each item, you have:

  • A video component (that would only show up if you have a Video URL)
  • A title/image component (that would only show up if you have an Image URL)

That way you can fit videos and images into one list.

Any chance it’s over 10MB?

Hi there! Thanks for getting back to me! I tried all day, but haven’t been able to make it work. I’ll let you know if I succeed. I have made sure the videos are in the proper format (mp4) and under the size limit! :slight_smile:

No worries, here all day to help. Tell me if you need further assistance.

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Thanks so much. I’m a non technical new enthusiast. I’ve been playing with bubble, Adalo, and Glide to see which is better for me. It’s been a long time since I had to learn something new like this :-). So glad there’s a great community here to help!

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The best community I have ever been a part of, and I’m glad I can contribute to that :smile:

Have a nice day yourself!

All day?! Do you not go outside?

:wink: We appreciate you @ThinhDinh


Jokes aside I really do not go outside apart from my morning run :laughing:

Life has been Glide, sleep, soccer, basketball only.


I think you need to make a Tshirt with that on… :wink:


The truth has been said here.


Jack!!! You’re real. haha. You’ve been keeping me pretty busy inside. I’ve cloned all of the apps you offer as tutorials. Please publish more tutorials - best way to learn! :slight_smile:

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:laughing:… harsh!

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Great! That’s good to hear. If you have any ideas for types of tutorials you’d want to see let me know.

I’ve gone through the mini tutorials which are also helpful. If there is a tutorial for beginners that shows you how to create a form with choices as well as the resulting charts, that would be amazing. I know there are mini tutorials but harder to follow separately. Likes and Ratings seem straightforward but haven’t been able to figure out how to make them aggregate the number of user likes/ratings. Only thing I found on those two features was very basic so maybe it’s me. :wink:

Got it - sure.

It’s not you. For that, you would need Rollups (max, min, average etc) to work over user specific columns (which rollups can’t do yet). We will do this at some point soon.


Would be interested in your comparison. What do you see as being the main benefits or constraints of Glide vs the other services you mention?

Bubble has a poor designer on their platform and their templates are confusing. I don’t plan to use a template to build my app(s), but they do help accelerate learning a new product and they were not easy to understand. Kind of like taking something built and taking it apart to learn in reverse from building from scratch. Also Bubble hosting is painfully SLOWWWWWW.

Adalo is easy to learn, lots of resources and tutorials, not only from Adalo but also from expert users. Much more customizable, configurable, they have the ability for you to set up group and 1x1 direct messaging vs Glides current group chat. Drawbacks I found were that they have slow loading of higher resolution images (if users are uploading, you can’t control what they’re uploading) - and also that they have size limitations with NO error handling so you just sit there and wonder why you’re action didn’t take.

Glide was a little harder to learn because you’re working in sheets PLUS the app database, and some concepts were confusing for me (particularly where to initiate some relations), but overall, once you learn it, it’s very easy to build something beautiful, functional, and very easy to maintain.

I’d say that I will use both Glide and Adalo depending on what is needed for functionality - for example if I really need chat and likes, and following users, then I would use Adalo, BUT when I can use Glide, I prefer it strongly because the designer is the BEST and again, everything is easier to set up and maintain once you understand it. FAST hosting/loading and probably one of the best communities to be a part of in terms of organic support too!

Hope this helps!


Wow, fabulous in-depth response, thank you very much. It’s really useful.


I agree with that but glide is far easier to use than adalo

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Glide is my first step into the PWA world, and I was so glad I chose it first. With a bit of background on Google Sheets & Scripts I was confident I can make it work and so glad it worked out.

Thanks for the insights on the other platforms, with enough work put in I believe we can have workarounds for what you say Adalo can offer, but Glide can’t at the moment. It’s not easy, but at the moment my life is so into Glide I want to try to deliver solutions on this platform instead of using another one.