Inline List with Total

My inline list is working fine. In a profile tab it´s showing the list of donations of one user.
What I’d like to show is the total of donations and not only the list of them.

Is it possible to show a total of the list, I mean I´d like to show to the user the total amount donated by the user

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It sounds like you need to add a “Rollup” column. You can rollup multiple relations, so that you can sum the totals per user if you have a relation that is grouping donations by user. Use the “Sum” function of the rollup and it should give you what you’re looking for.

Then you can add this total as a Text component under your list. Use a template column to add some additional text like “Total of donations for this user: $ total


Awesome! Great! It´s not easy, I’m still learning but u showed me the path.
Many thx