How to sum the values in joined list

Can anyone please tell me how to add the values in a joined list? the column “experiment bill” contains the values of the total amount and I want to add these figures to get the value of TOTAL BILL for the ORDER. Please help.

Unfortunately, you can’t perform a summation of a Joined List — you can just count how many items the list contains.

To perform a rollup on the necessary rows, you’ll need to create a relation to those rows and then create a Rollup column that looks at that relation.

Someone else may be able to chime in with a different approach using some of the new experimental code columns, but I haven’t had a chance to use them too much yet.


As @kyleheney said, I don’t think this is the right way to build it. You should use a relation back to your “Cart” (which I think you already have considering you are using joined lists here), then rollup the total bill column on that “Cart” sheet.

The total for each cart item should have been calculated in the “Cart” sheet, not here.


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