Calculate total of a split list


I am looking for a way to calculate the sum of all values in a single cell. This is for a jobsheet app and ill try and explain:

Engineer fills out a custom form and completes a job. This job has a job price column.

Using a relations I have created a List of all the prices of completed jobs for a single user.
I have then made a Split list of this list to seperate the values.

I now need to add all of the values in the split list together.

This is basically to see how much an engineer has made the company.



There’s a simpler way. All you should need is a Rollup Column that uses the relation.


Ok, I was being Dumb.

I was wondering why Rollup was only letting me do “Count”.

My Job Price was a Text Column instead of number.

So now I just have a rollup that calculates the Sum of all of the Job prices of the Jobs completed by an engineer.


Ahh, yeah that would do it. It has to be a numeric column. Glad you figured it out.

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