How do we display count of Inline List?

Have a look at below screenshot (sorry, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia). “Peserta Saat Ini” is Current Members, which is an Inline list.

Now what I would like to do is displaying the number of total element in that list.
Is there Glide function to calculate the total number of elements in an inline list?



Yes, there is a way!
Use a Rollup column for it pointing to some of InLine List’s columns you are using.


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Thanks! Checking on rollup:

There is no filtering there, which is important in my case: I need to calculate only data having Completed == False.

Now… any suggestion?

As a matter of fact!!


but do you want to show the total number of elements (generic) or total number of elements with Completed = False?

These are 2 different things :wink:

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You can select Join Group>Completed boolean


And then Select Count False


The result :


Thank you


Woa, awesome guys! Will check back later for this project
Switching to another project atm: also with glide! Totally lifting my stress in coding for like … 99% of it! Haha.

It’s crazy!
I wonder will there be flutter like “glide” in the future. I know it’s a totally different beast. But still… it will be a dream come true!