Inline list problem

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I have treatments sheet and categories sheet with relations.
Categories and treatments have 2 different names Turkish Name and English Name as column
I’m creating 2 tabs, one of them is turkish and the other one is english.
Listing my categories in Turkish Name and english name accordingly.
But whenever I clicked categories to list the treatments I cannot see them independently. If i change one of them to Turkish name other one is changing as well even they are in seperate tabs.
I dont want to configure them independently it’s obsolete and difificult to control.

Layouts are tied to sheets, with the exception of the top level of a tab or link to screen action. Also now with the option for independent screen configuration per item. Since you are view the same sheet below the category level, the layouts will be the same throughout the app. You might want to have separate treatment sheets for an English or Turkish version so you can design the layouts of each treatment language separately.

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