Inline List is broken when it can't connect with User Location

Everything works fine and results populate when connected to location. I have my inline list of professionals sorted by “distance to user”

If location permissions are disabled or unavailable, this inline list won’t populate because I have the conditions set to only be seen if the distance is “greater than zero” (i did this because i don’t want the results to populate based on the order of who signed up first (sheet order) because, thats weird.

So to create a solution, someone here helped me create a second inline list, that only populates when the distance is empty and it’s ‘sorted randomly’ instead of by sheet order

EXCEPT, it’s not working, the second inline list never populates, and it just keeps swirling forever

I also tried “Distance is less than zero”, and it didn’t work either.

I think this needs a support ticket. Please submit one in the link below.

The behaviour I expected here is if the user denied location services, then Glide should stop trying to calculate the distance right away. It seems not to be the case here.


OK thanks, I sent to support! I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong but I can’t find it anywhere!

Hey Thinh, this only kind of makes sense to me. Can you walk me through it? Is he saying that because I don’t have a location button to turn on and off, that Glide continues to search for a location even if i turn it off on my phone, so the second inline list never populates? Just trying to understand first and then try to follow the directions!

Can you temporarily display the distance value on your screen? Then you can see what may be populating in that column. It might be possible that it’s showing 0, which is neither greater than zero, less than zero, or empty. Or it’s showing something completely unexpected. If you can visualize what the value is, then you can set your visibility accordingly.

Do you think that because some of the entries are empty, that it’s screwing it up?

Hard to say. I’d still be curious what the phone shows for a distance when location is turned off. You aren’t going to see it in the glide editor.

However, I could see a potential issue with the fact that you are using distance as the driver for your visibility conditions. Which row is that condition looking at? If it’s the first row, and that first row would happen to never have a distance, then your visibility conditions will never work correctly. On the other hand, if that first row is absolutely guaranteed to show a distance when location is turned on, then you would be fine. I would probably approach it differently and maybe have a static set of coordinates (even 0,0) set up in a template column, then have a separate distance column to get the distance to that static location. Then base only your visibility condition on that new column. The existing distance column can be used for everything else.

But first, it’s important to understand what your existing distance column shows when location is turned off.

So this is the video I sent for my support link last night (location off, location on)

These are my search tabs with the location on (NORMAL):

These are my search tabs this time with the location off:

This time the salon search one worked (and used second inline list bc this is in a randomized order.)
The professional list also showed up (but i can tell it’s the FIRST inline list because this is in sheet order, which is wrong, and weird considering i have the visibility set to needing distance greater than 0)

This was a second attempt with the salon tab, didn’t work again

I’m not sure which row my visibility condition is looking at? How do I check? I have it sorted by distance to user

@Jeff_Hager as you suspected, the inline lists were checking for a column that is in the first row of the table Katelyn was building the tab on.

I went into the app, go to the User profiles table, add a rollup column pointing to the distance column in the other table, set it to count (so when they’re all empty it’s 0, else it’s > 0).

I applied the conditional visibility using the logic above, but it still does not solve the issue.


So is the count still potentially counting, even with the location turned off? I just have a feeling that somehow the distance column isn’t truly empty. I’m curious what happens if the distance value is added to the first inline list (if it isn’t), or the new rollup counter is displayed somewhere on the screen.

I’m wondering if there is a space or a non-visible null value in that distance column. Maybe create a template column against the distance column and replace a space character with nothing. Then do the count against that template column??? I also wonder if the

Also, since the app is public, there may be issues using the user profile table for the rollup. Might be better to keep it in the Professionals table, and it will rollup regardless of whichever row the screen is attached to, or regardless if the first row displays a distance or not.

PS, that spinning loading wheel is annoying when location is disabled. I wonder if Glide could do something about that. :wink:

Thank you so much for trying that Thinh!

Santiago said that because i have my first inline list visibility condition set to being based on “distance from the user” that glide will never stop looking for the distance, even if the location was disabled from the users end. He said it will only stop if the user disables it from glide using the gps button

I really don’t want to add a tab for turning on the gps, because i feel like it should work without that step, and stop searching, or at least populate the other list that is specifically meant to pop up if the distance is empty.

And the distance column does appear to be completely empty when location is out, but to your point, there’s probably something going on that i can’t see.

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Yeah, that was my initial thought.

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I did some more tests, they are falsy values, type undefined.


Hi thinh! What does this mean? Did i have a bad column or connection somewhere, is it fixible?

Hey @ThinhDinh & @Jeff_Hager! Should I just change it back? Is nothing really going to work here?

I don’t think we have a solution here. I still would have expected Glide to stop trying to calculate the distance if the inline list is not visible, though.

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I’m not sure what to say either. I suppose the distance calculation sits in limbo and holds up anything behind it. Hard to say without know how glide has that coded.

I played around with a few ideas. I still think adding these columns might do the trick. A Template column with ‘0,0’ as the value. A Distance column to compare the template value of 0,0 to the current location, and an IF column to check if the distance is empty or not, and return ‘true’ if it is not empty, else false. Then conditionally show each inline list based on if the IF value is true or not true. It seems to accurately return true or false if the distance is empty or not…meaning it’s able to track a location. The only thing is if I turn location on or off while the app is open, then I need to close and reopen the app to get the true/false value to update, but it seems to work otherwise. I didn’t try it against the visibility of an inline list, but I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work.

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Ok I will try to set that up now! I just tried out Santiago’s option and it also didn’t work for several reasons.

I feel like I’m the first person that’s ever tried to have a list of options sorted by the distance to the user :sweat_smile:

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