Inline List is broken when it can't connect with User Location

Maybe the first to have different sorting based on location being enabled or disabled. :wink: You’re a trend setter.

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lol but i much prefer you guys to have all the answers!!!

Ok do i just make the template like this or am i adding a replacement?

and then the distance column like this?

Yep, exactly like you have it. The 0,0 is just a set of coordinates for the distance column to measure against. Then checking if it’s empty or not should work. At least it seemed like it was for me, so I’m hoping it works for you.

I might have a solution for you, I will discuss internally with Jesus and reach back to you later.

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Ok both are blank when the location is gone

and this is what it looks like when location is on! The template matches distance to user, but distance to template is still blank

this is the if-then-else, did i do it right?

something seems to be missing, yes?

Thank you!!

The IF column looks good, but your template column should be showing ‘0,0’ in every row. No need for replacements or to point it to any other column. We literally want it to show the coordinates 0,0 and nothing else. Then the distance column will calculate the distance from a user’s current location to the 0,0 coordinates. It will be thousands of miles, but that’s OK. We just want the distance column to either show a number or show nothing. The IF column will give you a true/false value of that distance column is empty or not.

With the way you currently have the template column set up, you are getting a distance. Not a set of coordinates. That’s why your new distance column doesn’t show anything. Distance is not a set of valid coordinates.

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ok as usual you’re right, I must have been messing with it yesterday and forgot to change it back to 0,0.
I fixed it and this is what i have now.

will try to hook it up to my inlist list now

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OH. my god. It worked PERFECTLY. You are amazing!!!

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Awesome. Glad it worked!

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