Inline list format

I have this use case scenario that needs some guidance.

I have two inline lists, eg L1 and L2. When I click items in L1 it will display a certain format. When I click the items in L2, I want to have the format in L2 displayed differently from L1. When I select “Independent screen configuration per item”, then all the items in L2 needed to be individually formatted. This is not practical for my use.

What I want is have all items in L1 in one format and all items in L2 another format…

Suggestions please. Thanks.

I assume you’re pointing to the same Sheet right?

What you can do is add a set column action writing to a user-specific column, let’s say when you access from list L1 write L1, list L2 write L2.

Then configure your elements around that value.

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It is pointing to a different sheet so it is a bit tricky…I got around by using Visibility condition.

Be great if system can allow one more option for inline list…

  1. independent screen for different inline list, but within the same inline list allow for the same design
  2. independent individual screen

Then we have great flexibility

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